Law of Succession and
Estate Planning

The question of what shall happen to an estate in case a person passes away is a very personal matter which requires individual planning. Since the statutory legal framework (Intestacy Rules) under German law often disregards the personal reasons and motives of the testator, early planning is essential. Especially for entrepreneurs a timely coordination of estate planning and related matters is necessary to ensure a successful transition of the business into the next generation. Without a comprehensive business secession plan in place, the transition of ownership after death, but also retirement or departure of a key operator can have detrimental effects on the future development of the business.

Our clients are not only testators but also beneficiaries that rely on our experience when it comes to enforcing their rights against third parties or against other beneficiaries of the estate, especially with regard to the final distribution of the estate.

Furthermore, we determine the value of an estate for person entitled to a family provision claim (Pflichtteil) which follows its own rules under German law and – if necessary – we provide support in enforcing these claims.

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